Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Essentials for Today's Classroom

If I was placed in a new classroom today and I could only have three technology items; What would I use ?

Why use Youtube? Youtube is a great and easy way to enhance your teaching. It provides great extensions to your everyday lessons. It allows students at home to have another teacher when you are not around. This is especially helpful when teaching math and it is a skill that students can use in their daily life for just about anything. If you need to change a tire and don't know how just Youtube it.

I started using Google Drive after my teacher computer was stolen from my classroom. Years of lessons and supplemental materials were lost. Sadly, I was forced to change my practice. Google allows me to do endness things. I love sharing documents with my students and my peers and this is just the beginning. Make sure you look at the Google Drive Link to use google to it fullest. I can't say that I was happy my computer was stolen, but because of it I learned one of the best teaching tools of my life. 

Finally, there is Google Classroom. Google Classroom allows you to assign all kinds of assignments, which are multi-layer. It make life easier for grading student work . No more loading carts of paper back and forth from school to home. Just take your computer or ipad home and do it all from one device. 

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